Florist: Day 1

Took the Dove Point of Sale system tutorial and closed 6 sales.
Swept floor of millions of stems and leaves.
Washed all buckets for flower delivery.
Unboxed, cleaned and reboxed returned glass cylinders from weekend wedding.
Stacked empty boxes in closet.
Cleaned tall fluted centerpieces for use tonight at 20s themed cocktail party for the American Managers Association. (A flower budget? Um, sweet office party.)
Folded small brown paper bags to hold Mum plant centerpieces for a women's garden party luncheon tomorrow.
Processed (cut, trimmed, cleaned) individual flowers: Japanese Aster, Snapdragons, Carnations, Asiatic and Stargazer Lilies, Spider Mums, Stock (yep, it's a flower), Burgundy Yarrow, Wax Flower and Decorative Kale.
Hand wiped pollen off the lily petals with a pipecleaner. They were like my sweet little children, that's how gentle I was.

And that, folks, was 8.5 hours. Work days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus pre-scheduled weekends for events. I am freaking loving that schedule.

Not loving the ache that has spread across my entire body from standing. All day. No sitting. Those Naot shoes are starting to sound real good.

Hee hee. Not yet.

But I will take a Leinie.

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  1. Think of all the calories you burned by standing all day!