Shut It Down

That was a reference to stylist Rachel Zoe. But this post is about fashion. Because I freaking love it and the Spring 2010 runway shoes are underway in Paris and those in New York, London and Milan have already ended. In particular, there has been 1 show that has stood out for me among all others. Viktor & Rolf.

Are the clothes wearable? Um, maybe for Lady Gaga on a demure day.

Was it surprising, unique and unlike any other this season? Absolutely.

And in fashion, where everyone, even Le Karl, borrows from each other and themes repeat in show after show (seriously, are fit models giving secrets away for cigarettes?), it is wonderful and exciting when someone comes through with a different eye and makes you remember their name out of so many others. And I don't mean doing pretty. There is always pretty and you know exactly who to go to to get it. But pretty can be boring. A lot boring.

There is a mad genius at work when something that at first appears ridiculous grows on you so that you start to consider the less extreme pieces totally wearable. And it is hard work to get the proportions of that tulle pleating to remain edgy and believable. 

The vision was great.

Via Photography by Marcio Madeira.

Visit for the entire collection and get a taste of some extreme handiwork. And see plenty of pretty. (My wish list? Those jeweled dresses at the end of the Lanvin show. And, always, a Chanel jacket. Plus those Celine shoes look amazing with every outfit that went down the runway. Okay, I'll stop now.)

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