Funemployment not so fun anymore.

I admit I do better with some kind of schedule. (Translation: I am not good with no schedule.) After the first week of sleeping in and finishing chores I hadn't gotten around to . . . funemployment drags. I get bored. Job searching online is the worst. Everything appears to require way more time and energy than it should. TV is a black hole tasering my brain cells. I count the hours until Jon gets home and I can talk to someone! I know! (Pick 'n Save employees, though courteous, don't count.)

As of August, the national unemployment rate was 9.7%. Feels like 19.7% in Wisconsin. The jobs I've seen here (Craigslist, Monster, Journal Sentinel, JobNoggin,, local university listings, etc.) either require skills I simply do not have (see below) or no significant thought process on my end. It may come down to me taking an administrative assistant job for a local construction firm in order to help out with the mortgage, but dang if that doesn't make me dread the first day of work for a job I don't even have yet! Awe-some! (I'm just a bucket of sunshine and daisies over here.)

Here is a sample of today's job postings:

Curriculum Production Specialist
HVAC Engineer
Plastics Process Technician
Senior Systems Analyst
HRIS Specialist (?)
Power Electronics Engineer
Salon Front Desk Position
Snow Plow Driver
General Admin
Sanskrit Translator

Pretty sure I could actually perform 3 of those jobs (yes, snow plow driver is one). Will continue with my plan of sending emails and letters to local design firms inquiring about any potential opportunities (this now includes internships). Hoping to find anything creative. The most promising lead so far? Florist. Part-time. Seriously.

On a side note, in my funemployment doldrums yesterday, managed to send out 6 letters to interior design firms on . . . thick cardstock. (Really, Abbey?) If I'm lucky, they'll be returned to me due to insufficient postage. If not, Jon said they may take pity on my special ed "poster" and call me back.

But I shouldn't hold my breath.


  1. I was going to say..... you can definitely drive a snow plow and I am pretty sure after you drink a bottle of pinot you would be able to translate sanskrit.

    fear not- we will all be together soon.

    interior design jobs!!! Thats awesome!!

  2. wish i could be your assistant and learn from the very best!

  3. You'll find something! I daydream about flower design Abbey. I think that would be awesome. In fact I day dream about working at Starbucks now. Seriously.

    9 to 5 or 9 to what I ass.