My Taste Was Astoundingly Good

"Kids, Incorporated" was my favorite show when I was in my late single digits. I always knew Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of the extremely talented cast members, but did you know that Mario Lopez and Fergie were, too? Fergie slash "Stacey" was the longest running character on the show, as they booted anyone off once puberty occurred.

Another random fact, the super talented Jenny Lewis (of Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley and her forthcoming duo band, Jenny & Johnny fame) was the daughter/"Hannah" in "Troop Beverly Hills," another amazing feat of entertainment. (Seriously, I loved that movie. When Shelley Long points to two pairs of shoes in a room covered with boxes and says, "I'll take the rest," I made a personal vow to reenact that exact scenario once old enough to wear heels. Hasn't happened yet. One can dream.)

Love discovering famous people's roles from back in the day. Like Julianne Moore as the ill-fated realtor checking out the greenhouse in "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle." Also a cinematic gem.

Now who's up for "Step Up 3D"?


D. Porthault

Extremely luxe linen collection D. Porthault is on sale at One Kings Lane today. A total splurge for your home, or the ultimate wedding gift.

Get going!

Last Chance!

I saw my cousin Bryce this weekend, wherein he also met 9tailors Sam (handing out wine via the open window of our party trolley - such a good sharer, that one!). Flash forward to this 3-piece-gentleman demanding that I send the details for her 50% off special. I figured I might as well give everyone else one last heads up while I'm at it. 

Gentlemen: Order by Wednesday, September 1st!
Ladies: You have until October 1.

Click here.

Or just email Makiko@9tailors.com to get started. 

You're welcome, #100.

P.S. Full disclosure - I am not getting any money from Sam for posting this information! I like to support my friend's endeavors, be they interior design, custom dressmaking, book writing, etc. 


Feliz Cumpleanos, Hermana!

It's my sister Emily's birthday today - happy 29! 

Yes, I realize I am right on the verge of not being able to disclose people's ages any longer. But as I'm older than she is, I'm really only shooting myself in the foot. Plus - look how young this photo is! It's one of my all-time favorites. Em was a "unique dresser" as a child. 

She's one of a kind (in the very best way) and my first best friend - love you, Em.



Dying over the makeup in this Fall 2010 J. Crew lookbook shot. Pale, pale skin, dark pink lips and thin eyeliner and eyebrows. 


The Brass Petal

And if you're also a fan of Emily Henderson's (winner of Design Star), check out her cute and funky blog:

P.S. How Does She Do This?

Just ran across a blog called "P.S. I Made This," which documents one woman's creations inspired by anything and everything she sees - fashion, interior design, jewelry. 

How does she do these things so fast? Where did she learn how? Is there no end to her DIY ingenuity? I just can't answer these questions. Check out a pom pom necklace she made:

Inspiration Board

How To Instructions:

Clever girl. (Try not to click through her entire archives. It's hard to stop!)


No Wires!

Considering I have a cell phone that is the size of a walkie-talkie and wrapped in nuclear-bomb grade rubber to avoid breaking while dropped, I'm obviously not on the up-and-up with technology. I had a Blackberry, hated it, and gave it to Jon two weeks after buying it. I actually miss my real 1990s phone, which I sadly lost in a taxi in NYC.

The iPad, however, is pretty cool. A savvy design function? Portable TV. Check out this retro docking station:

Via Design Sojourn and Design Mind

The most exciting part of this whole thing for a non-techie like me - no wires!

Trash TV

I fully admit this: I have the television taste of a 12-year-old high on candy straws and Coke. America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl (this show is high brow, due to the extremely chic taste level of clothing), Top Chef, American Idol (back when it was good), The Next Food Network Star and Design Star. Jon calls this trash TV. I call it addictive.

I may have been known to rip out the ad page for an upcoming season of ANTM and 'X' out the eliminated contestants' faces as the season went along. 

I said "may."

Last night Design Star officially ended and the winner was Miss Emily Henderson, a catalogue and photo shoot prop stylist. The premise for her show is "clothing style to lifestyle" - designing a space based on your clothes (which Thom Filicia's show started out as several years ago, and later changed; love this show, BTW, though Style Network is not a current part of our cable package - rude and unfair and most likely done by Una). 

Genevieve Gorder has the worst hair/wig I've ever seen. This pic is not a good representation.
And Candice is enormous and Vern is a midge. 

Not sure if Emily's actual HGTV show is the same premise as they showed on the competition, but I'm pretty positive it will be added to the repertoire. 1) She looks to be around my age. 2) I like the vintage/global/flea market vibe - more accessible to young people who don't want things to be matchy-matchy. 3) I am bored with the other good shows, and everything else is tacktastic. (I am looking at you, David Bromstad. Don't even get me started.) 

I have a reality design show compulsion. There's really nothing I can do about this. And in the genius words of Vince Vaughn, a la the first church scene of Wedding Crashers

"Sorry I'm not sorry." 


Light the Streets of Milwaukee

I often remark how pale I am, especially in the summer months whilst standing beside a bronzed and glowing beauty with nary a freckle in sight (slash everyone but the Amish population, who continue to wear long sleeves and skirts in the dead heat of August). Usually, someone will follow this up with "You're not that white. You just need a tan."

People, I am that pale. 

Please observe a photo of me with my two sisters' from July 4th weekend. I will let you guess which ones are mine.

I was clearly hit with the "burn when inside a car with tinted windows while wearing SPF 70" stick, even as sisters and brother tan in a dang thunderstorm.

Biology decided not to replicate this gene with younger siblings. I will continue to tell myself it shall serve a purpose at a later date. Like if the electricity goes out in the dark of night and I need to light the streets of Milwaukee with my shins.


Sale, Ship, and Sew

Our new rental house isn't even fully unpacked, let alone painted. Part of that is because I've been visiting fabric stores to pick window drapes and headboard choices, so I can pull the wall color from the prints (and the other half is because when I'm not traveling, I'm sleeping and catching up on shitake from 8 weeks ago). 

I finally narrowed down our headboard and living room picks and I am so dang excited! (Yes, I realize I just wrote that, though my 18 year old self is pretending not to know me.) My absolute favorite, a pale ikat print for our headboard and bedroom curtains, was coming in at . . . $49.99 a yard. Yikes (especially when you need 10 yards). Add to that the living room print at $29.99/yard, and heart attack, meet Jon. 

Headboard and Bedroom Drapes! 
Robert Allen "Khanjali" in Glacier

Living Room Curtains - [Wrong Color, Bad Closeup of Print]
P/Kaufmann "Boscobel" in Patriot 
(a dusky red, linen and marine blue combination)

That is, until I perused the selection of fabrics today at Jo-Ann. They're having an awesome sale August 22nd - 28th: 40% off 54" decorator fabrics (which include my two), and 50% off regular/non-sale fabrics. Hell to the y-e-s!

But it gets even better. After searching for photos of my fabric online, I discovered OnlineFabricStore.net, which is selling my bedroom fabric for just $15.25/yard! I would never order online without having touched and seen the fabric in person, but since I've already decided it's the one - consider this a sale, ship, and sew. 

Hello, house. Aren't you looking gorgeous?


Lonny's Back!

The August/September issue of Lonny is out! Woo hoo!

Gus & Charlucci

Two of our dearest friends recently had babies and we finally met the little darlings! As a result, Una has full-on baby fever. Of course, this was helped by the fact that he would spend 30 minutes with said child, then disappear for 45 to play video games, drink beer or watch his new favorite show, Scare Tactics, with the husband. Oh, the cuteness!

Charlotte Grace, 7 months:
"Abbey! You're so funny! Look at me giggling away in my duck tub."
"I've got my eyes on you, Jon."
"You will pay for your insolence!"
"Ah, sweet toy. All is well. You are forgiven."

William Augustus - "Gus," born August 5th:
"Woah, that curly hair is mesmerizing."
"Curly Man, perhaps a diaper change?"
Fast friends. And only 10 days old!

They were adorable and perfect and we loved them. And then we flew home, me and my 29 year old child, Jon. 


Catching Up

On approximately 2.5 months worth of house work. Will be back to normal posting soon!

Image via khasabhotel.net


Flower Class: Finale

After 8 weeks (of which I missed three classes due to traveling, boo), the floral course is officially over. While the rest of the ladies worked on a tropical arrangement (antherium, ginger, birds of paradise, palms, bamboo, etc.) last night, I made up for last week's missed tutorial: bouquets.

Grade: B (for effort and general shape, not precision or refinement). These puppies will take a lot of practice before they're presentable. All in all, a great class where I practiced different styles of arranging, learned flower cakes, bouquets, and pinned corsages. Plus, I had to buy flowers every week. They were supplies, Una! Homework!

Thinking of taking "Gardening for All Seasons" (you lay out and plan a garden that will flower continuously through spring, summer and fall), a one day sushi class and "Sewing for Beginners" (again) this fall. Decisions, decisions.

Check out your city's recreation offerings and see what they've got going on.

The Polished Prep by Providence Classic

My last style board for Boutonnieres & Bow Ties! The ladies are retiring the groom design board series to focus on the major growth of the 9tailors business.

Speaking of 9tailors - take advantage of the bespoke suit special happening now through September 1 (for men) and October 1 (for women)! Made to order just for you and only $280 for a men's 2-piece and $355 for a 3-piece? Heck, that's a steal. I'm personally thinking of a great off-the-rack Hugo Boss suit Jon bought on major sale that was double that price. And not made to fit. Email makiko@9tailors.com for all details.


One Ticket on Turkish Air

Two years ago I traveled to Turkey with my sister Emily and friends and it was the shopping trip of a lifetime (right, the culture rocked, too). When I came back (with a 5 x 7 authentic hand-loomed rug, 18 colored glasses for the wedding, a traditional ceramic serving platter, olive oil soaps, Ottoman-style frame and then some) I informed Una that I had left half of my future house back in Istanbul. And we would be needing to return as soon as the IRS refund came through. 

To Jon's delight (or at least the bank account's), I have not had the chance to return. Spying Copy Cat Chic's white ottoman today reminded me of all of the beautiful textiles we saw. My friend James bought two poufs just like this for his apartment. I think this is a great find for a nursery, luxe bathroom, beach-inspired living room, or any bedroom. 

Serena & Lily Ottoman (fantastic website): $395.00

Overstock.com: $122.99

You Cannot AKA Yourself

Listening to my favorite radio station out here this morning (88.9 FM), my ears were violently affronted by the following:

"You're listening to Tariq, AKA the architect and it's new music Wednesday."

First of all, "the architect" is about as pretentious as it gets. (I still love you 88.9, but let's call a spade a spade).

Second of all, you cannot AKA yourself.

And, second of all.


On a Stick

State Fair is in town, and that means only one thing: special times. Animal races, carnival rides, music, amazing people watching, food galore and games of chance (well, a few, such as the ever popular - "Guess What I Weigh!" Prize: My fist in your face. I suggest you aim low.)

I was prepared to hate the joint and be airlifted out of Wisconsin after witnessing the depths of its specialness. Instead, I had to be dragged out by Jon and only after it was promised I could return next year. I didn't get to go on the rides! I missed the pig races! What does a corn nugget taste like? Or a fried s'more? These are questions that must be answered!

It began with a million people.
Pretty much all in line for the famous cream puffs:
They are the size of small Volkswagens. Jon housed one.
Right outside the door is a selection of animal hides and heads unlike anything I have ever seen. Clearly, dead animal fur and a standing bear the size of a giant don't hinder a good appetite.
And what delicacies to be had! 
Cheese on a Stick! Still not exactly sure how that's different from a mozzarella stick on a kebob.
Fried S'mores
Corn Nuggets. (On a stick.)
Cherry Pie on a Stick. Really, what doesn't go on a stick?
Cranberry stomping.
Oh yeah, and the hat.

Good times.


Beta Testing Bespoke Suits

9tailors, a custom shirting company, has officially branched out into men's and women's suiting! The founder is one of my favorite college accomplices and an insanely motivated and brilliant individual. In fact, 9tailors just stole a place on Stuff magazine's Hot 100 List!

From now until September 1 (for men) and October 1 (for women), customers get 50% off the regular price of a custom suit.

Repeat: 50% off.

And all you have to do? Fill out a survey after purchase. Seriously, that's it! Go ahead and add a $90 button down to your order (mention Providence Classic, of course) & get 10% off the shirt.
This deal is available now for clients in Boston and New York. Email makiko@9tailors.com for suiting and shirting options and to get started. There are endless, endless choices!

Photo via 9tailors

Shop away!


An Affair with Shorts by Providence Classic

Only one more style board to go on Boutonnieres & Bow Ties! This week's wedding features a quirky bride and her Hawaiian husband - check it out!



Back in 5

Trying to catch up with all the things I've put on my plate. It's a Las Vegas 24-hour buffet over here and I'm stuffed. Will just keep moving. 

Photo from Daniela Capistrano


Ms. Spade

So clever: clutches made to look exactly like classic books. Well played, Ms. Spade.

The Great Gatsby

The Importance of Being Earnest, Emma (not currently for sale) and Great Expectations.

Buy them here.

The Want List

Love this shirt combo from J.Crew. It's like "No Country for Old Men" meets gay lumberjack meets Ivy prep. J. Crew has really nailed that "je ne sais quoi" look.

I "je ne sais quoi" why it works, but it does. 


Bon Anniversaire

I have to celebrate today because, well, I wouldn't be alive if I didn't. 

Happy 35th anniversary, Mom & Dad!

I'm really happy for them. They are incredible role models. 

Hamptons to BK

Spent this past weekend in Bridgehampton, NY for a dear friend's bachelorette whose October wedding I am in. Back in NYC for a hot minute to attend another friend's baby shower (!) before heading to Milwaukee. 

Ran across the Brooklyn Bridge this morning - first time I've been across it on foot, despite having lived here for 6 years (also never went to the Statue of Liberty). 

Photo from ETFtrends.com

Funny how those things happen.