Saturday Night at The Rave

Rude. Uncle Kracker cancelled.

We arrived at The Rave and are told that Chevelle and Halestorm (?) are performing and our tickets are good for both. (The woman looked at us like we were insane when we said we were there for Uncle Kracker. Heck yes we purchased tickets for an Uncle Kracker concert! Okay, they were a gift from Jon's colleague, but we were still kind of pumped.)

What else do we have to do on a Saturday night? We stayed.

Awesome! 60% of attendees appear to be teenagers. Intoxicated teenagers. (We both had to get bracelets to buy beer and were informed we were not allowed to buy for minors.) Making out, storming off, and emerging from corners I didn't even know existed doing Lord I don't even want to know what. The Rave is an old building, really beautiful under a lot of grime and smoke, with a million nooks and crannies. Perfect for teenagers. We totally would have gone when we were 16.

There are two small wings off of the main, central stage. Both of these wing stages are featuring teenage hair bands. Nirvana plaid shirt and dirty jean wearing, long hair-whiplash-neck swinging, totally-unintelligible-screaming hair bands. (How do they do that in unison? Doesn't it hurt their necks? Call their mothers immediately! This has to be bad for their spines!) I couldn't understand one dang thing they sang about. Well, I did get one word - I heard someone say "boobies" once.

I wish I was making that up.

So Jon and I laughed (har har har) over our complete lack of understanding. And everyone assumed were were 40 and there to corral a soon-to-be-grounded teenager.

We decided to watch the main stage, currently in the middle of Halestorm's set. The fact that I did not understand more than 5 words the main singer (Lindsay Hale) said was unimportant. SHE WAS AWESOME. She had this Joan Jett vibe, was totally hot and had a ridiculous voice that she rocked out like Bon Scott of AC/DC. I mean, Jon and I were blown away. Whatever that 'it' thing is that people talk about, this girl was swimming in it.

At one point they even moved an extra drum set to the front of the stage and all played the drums at once (you probably had to be there, but it was cool). It was just a really good show. And I didn't even like the music. That's saying something.

Then our main act, Chevelle, came up. Everyone started screaming and throwing the longhorn up. Yeahhh! The bass music started, my heart began to palpitate, the lead singer commenced screaming and Jon and I, terrified, ran right out of the Rave and home to bed.

At 11:30 PM.

Our future children are mortified.

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  1. What a riot!!!! You two have had very unusual and interesting experiences. I loved the "And everyone assumed were were 40 and there to corral a soon-to-be-grounded teenager."