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Copy Cat Chic today - just purchased two of these zig zag rugs in grey:

The reviews were great, though there were complaints that the black ink rubbed off. Since I went with a light gray stripe, I'm not too worried about it. And for this price, I am totally willing to order (it's online only) and see if it works. My plan is to lay them side by side in the living room.

Check it out here. If you're interested in buying too, I hunted down a coupon code for Urban on Google and got 10% off. There's also a free shipping sale today, though you can only choose one of the discounts. Happy shopping!

O'verlays by Danika & Cheryle

Spied this puppy on "Me, You and a Weiner Dog" blog: O'verlays (yep, name is awful). 

"Olivia," painted gold and attached to an Ikea RAST dresser

"Gigi," as a divider/partial screen

They currently have 6 available patterns, including fretwork and Greek key designs.  Clever solution to upgrading an Ikea or thrift store find. Shop here



Pure Style: Sofas

I check in with this blog from time to time - and Wednesday (August 10th, if you need to search for the post) Lauren had a great item about inexpensive but nice-looking upholstered sofas. Thought I would throw it your way . . . 

Image via Pottery Barn

Full post here!


Etsy: Kari Herer

Just discovered the Etsy shop of Kari Herer, a photographer from Portland, Maine. Love the stills of flowers, and those with a mix of botanicals and illustrations (silverware and antlers are also common subjects). Her work's been seen in Martha Stewart Weddings, Lonny magazine, Daily Candy and more. Beautiful. 

Prices starting at $25 for an 8 x 10 photo.

Images by Kari Herer found here


Belated Wishes

To my parents for yesterday, their 36th wedding anniversary. They are an inspiration to Una and to me - just like my grandparents, who were married 68 years.

Happy anniversary!

Keep on truckin'!

Clos-ette Chic

Melanie Fascitelli, founder of Clos-ette in New York (a high-end closet design and organization firm), interviewed my friend, interior designer Sara Gilbane. Needless to say, Sara has been a fabulous dresser for as long as I can remember and now that we have grown up, her closet has, too. (Apparently I'm still a thirteen year old, per the Forever 21 and H&M that craps up my closet.)

Here's an excerpt from the interview - get the whole piece here

What would you dream closet look like?
I have pulled so many images for my dream closet or dream closets for clients that it is tough to choose.  However,  if I had to choose, I would go with a wall-to-wall carpet (in a fun graphic print or animal print), I would upholster the walls in some sort of fabulous fabric (a pattern or a faux shagreen would be outstanding) and would have high-gloss cabinetry with plenty of shelves for my shoes and bags. I would also have a jewelry case of some kind made so I could see all my jewelry while getting dressed. The lighting in closets is also key, and nothing beats a custom or vintage light fixture. Slightly antiqued mirror inset in a panel as a full length mirror would finish it off. I also love having a free standing piece (an ottoman or beautiful chair) in the room where you can sit with a glass of wine or have a friend sit. Getting dressed should be a fun and relaxing process. For my husband’s closet, I would upholster the walls in a grey pinstripe and do high-gloss cabinetry in a deep blue or red. 

I'll take any of those shoes, thank you. Custom closet with fabric wallpaper, chandelier and lucite handles - another item to add to the future house. You know, the one I get to live in when pigs fly. Sigh.


Door County Souvenir

Well, I don't think I'm allowed (given its unwarranted ticket price of $1100), but nonetheless this puppy was awesome in person. A standout piece - an antique carved English chest. Perfect for our master bedroom in our future house.


Babytator had her first swim this weekend in Door County (the Midwest's version of Cape Cod; literally - that's the slogan). 

First, Mom had to get me dressed in my flashy suit and covered in sun block.

 We shall start with the left foot, pinky toe.

 I will allow the heel . . .

 Now right foot, pink--

Una: Oh, for cryin' out loud, we'll be here 'til she's forty. Hand her over.

 And, swim lesson over.

Mom: It's so hard being right all of the time.