Apple Success

We made it to Barthel's Farm just before the rain clouds. After Apple Holler, I was prepared to apple pick in a hail storm as long as it meant no. toddlers.

Confirmation we were meant to pick here:

Yes, Jonathon is a type of apple. Also possibly a sign from Wisconsin to the Thompsons? Hmm . . .

This photo was asking to be taken.

 Honey Crisp apple trees. And Jon.

Red Delicious apples, looking like pomegranates. 


View of the cornfields surrounding the orchard.

Apples on Saturday.

Apples, meet Monday:

Lemons were for the sliced sugary apples, to keep from browning.

Before . . .


Ta da! Jon ate two pieces for lunch.

That's an 'M' for Mili-wau-kay

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