The Uniform at the Movies

Here we are waiting in line at 9:00 AM on a Saturday to see "Under the Sea" at the brand new 3D IMAX theater.

Yes, our fellow theatergoers are grandparents and small children. And we all wore those amazing 3D glasses during the show. Butter popcorn for breakfast with fish swimming at our faces. It was pretty cool (not amazing) and the music was nice, but let's be real here - we got the tickets for free from Jon's colleague at work.

This showing was followed by 2.5 hours of Abbey walking around the mall alone while Jon went to see "Paranormal Activity" by himself.

Just a nice little Saturday up here in Milwaukee.


  1. My favorite part of this is Jon all the way in the corner waving to you while you pretend to be taking his picture.
    I also saw paranormal activity- I sprinted out of the theater at the end.

  2. Also...I suggest you should start a "Where's Jon" (as in "Where's Waldo") portion of this blog- where he's hidden somewhere in all of your photos and we try to locate him
    ...maybe I should make some friends and get off my computer...

  3. I love the Where's Jon idea. Milwaukee people look just like Mainers.

  4. Hilarious. Eliza, how are you sleeping after seeing that movie?!

  5. My favorite part of that picture is counting the amount of white "walking sneakers" that all the old people have. Classic uniform for grandparents. ;)