Numero Diez

This is certainly not a milestone I assumed I'd meet before I reached 30, but hey, you roll with the punches.

Starting Monday, when I begin work as a part-time florist (yay! got the job!), I will also be marking my 10th job since graduating college.


No, these are not all listed on my resume or I would never get hired.
Drumroll please!

1. Film Production Coordinator, Merchant Ivory movie "Heights,"starring Glenn Close (heck yes, my name's in the credits)
2. Publishing Intern, Abrams Books, Children and Young Adult divisions. Not much to say about this one - everyone who worked there seemed miserable.
3. Managing Editorial Assistant, Putnam Books, Penguin Putnam International - met James Frey (pre "Oprah" fiasco) who inscribed my copy of My Friend Leonard. Spied on L.L. Cool J as he met with editors about his health book. I may have had a crush on him. What?
4. PR Coordinator, Punch! Public Relations - fashion PR for women's clothing and accessories. I scored the company's first product placement in American Vogue and was rewarded with a leopard-print pony hair bag that I have to this day, and love.
5. "Writer" - this one's not a job-job as the novel isn't published (no moollah) and will remain unseen in my secret files, but I spent 18 months pursuing it. Ah, Palm Bitch. Hardest thing I have ever attempted.
And hope to attempt again.
6. Nanny to three adorable boys on the Upper West Side. Part-time side job to pay for health insurance while writing and a total pleasure. Loved the whole family.
7. Dogwalker - owner of my own "business," in fact. Happiest working time in my life, but uninspiring: I talked to dogs all day.
8. Event Coordinator, Van Wyck & Van Wyck. High-end boutique event design firm - totally inspiring and completely time-consuming for very little pay. Ran an African safari-inspired charity dinner for 500, as well as a party for an episode of "America's Next Top Model" at the famous Hearst building (cycle 10, episode 9). Also worked on a $3 million dollar wedding in the Florida Keys where golf carts were the only vehicles allowed and the band was Huey Lewis. Awe-some. Wedding expectations skyrocketed, to Jon's horror.
9. Program Manager, Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, Columbia Business School. Event-planning for business school students (including Jon, who may have allowed fellow classmates to believe he had met - during school - and was now engaged to "the chick at the Lang Center." We move fast). Holy bureaucracy politics! Learning experience from top to bottom about large corporations and people in general, including myself.
10. Florist, Belle Fiori. Future bouquet-maker for friends and family. A new skill for the books. Yes! 
10.1. Blogger. I feel like I just admitted to having a craft room filled with decoupaged ceramic cats. Perfect stocking stuffers! (I'm kidding. I don't. Not yet.)

I guess we're at 10.1.

Holy shitake and hello 30.

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  1. Yay Abbey! You are living my dream right now. A Flower Shop! Awesome!!

    PS..I didn't know some of the fantastic details about your jobs that you listed in this blog. I'm mad.