Thomasville? Yup, want.

Thomasville, who knew ye were so cool?

I discovered Darryl Carter's collection for Thomasville on another blog. Wow. Great pieces with truly nice details and what looks like (haven't seen them in person) perfect proportions. The furniture is out of my price range right now, but the pieces truly look much more expensive than they are (and are certainly cheaper than buying an authentic antique!).

A few faves . . .

Delicate, carved legs - love the cross hatch base and black and white color scheme.

Desk lamp. Also available in table lamp size. Masculine, but classic with a sheen.

With the seat in a modern, poppy fabric? Fabulous! I just love the graceful lines.

Great spindle legs. You could panel the doors with antiqued mirrors, too. 

Simple and rustic. Hides storage under the leather cushion.

I'll have to keep an eye out for future sales . . .
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