A Milwaukee institution, ice-cream style. Only it's custard (no ice cream served here).

For 59 years Kopp's has served up daily flavors of custard, along with giant burgers and sundaes. Kind of like Ben & Jerry's flavors - for example, Grasshopper Fudge: mint custard with pieces of brownie. A little less sweet, with a creamier consistency, custard - with eyes closed - is pretty much indistinguishable from ice cream. Though the flavor of custard is a little more subtle than super sugary ice cream.

When you walk into the Bayshore store, a giant spoon and cherry greet you.

The machine spits out the day's flavors in a long, wormy shape. I know that sounds gross. Still didn't stop me from writing it.
That is one of yesterday's flavors, Mint Chip. Yummy.

We went for a sundae. When Jon spied the Peanut Butter Log, I knew we'd be eating it. Three scoops of custard, chunky peanut butter sauce and hard shell chocolate sauce (my favorite kind). Delicious. But next time I'm going for a cone of just one flavor.

Jon made me throw out the sundae after we'd almost eaten the whole thing. In his exact words: I cannot be controlled.

This whole portion control thing that doesn't happen in Milwaukee?
Not our friend.

P.S. Sorry for the horrible quality photos lately. All via Blackberry.

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