That's hello, Packer-style. 

How do I know this? Because I spent much of yesterday at legendary Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin with more men, women and children in green and yellow than should be fashionably allowed. Clothing kidding aside (though calling that Kraft-yellow color 'gold' is a stretch and a lie, friends), it was a perfect example of my new life in Wisconsin: happy people, grilled food, football and lots and lots (and lots) of beer. 

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Life in Wisconsin? Correct. 

My name is Abigail and I moved to Milwaukee from New York City at the end of August for my husband's job. Living in New York City for 6 years spoiled me rotten with access to every kind of design imaginable. I fell in love with fashion and interior design, in particular, and spent hours upon hours every month window-shopping, reading and searching the internet for beautiful additions to my dream apartment and closet. The city is a never-ending source for inspiration - from style-spying into apartment windows at night to the women on the subway platform dressed for a catwalk at 8 AM (no, seriously). There is always something to surprise and excite you. I simply loved it.

AND then I moved to a rental house in Milwaukee, complete with the frightening statistic of -30 degree winters, an overfed bird "sanctuary" located directly above our newly-purchased car, and the terrifying popularity of NAOT shoes.

-30 degrees? Welcome to Wisconsin and life on Lake Michigan.

I jest. I'm excited and nervous to be in a place so different from where I'm from and what I've grown used to. This blog is a way for me to share our life in Milwaukee with long-distance family and friends and a home for all the accumulated design details that have been percolating in my brain. Plus, the dining room chairs are sick of being constantly recovered and have asked me to find a new test subject. Enter blog.

Providence Classic - it's a reference to my hometown and maybe, someday my own personal aesthetic (once I've figured out exactly what that is). And no, I am not referring to myself, fools.

In the meantime, I think I've earned a Leinenkugel Berry Weiss beer. Adios, amigos. Until next post.

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