5 Basics Budget Version: Texture and Color

On to interior designer Sara Gilbane's Basic No. 2: Texture and Color.

"For those who like a monotone color scheme it is very important to bring in texture to create depth. Go for your all-white room, but you must add texture - grasscloth on the walls, mohair, velvet, linen fabrics. . .

I am a sucker for wallpaper - I like using grasscloth in larger living spaces to bring in texture. Patterned wallpaper in unexpected small spots is great fun and gives your guests a surprise - such as in bathrooms, closets, backs of bookshelves. 

I am also a huge fan of lacquered walls. . . The ceiling is a space that usually goes forgotten in most homes. Whether you paint it a pale glossy grey or the same color as the walls - it adds instant drama. . . You can also throw wallpaper on the ceiling - a shimmery gold or silver patinaed wallpaper on a dining room ceiling works well with candlelight. A heavy grasscloth on your library ceiling or in between beams adds a modern coziness." 
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Texture and Color: From paint, rugs, fabric, wallcoverings to accessories - there are thousands of inexpensive ways to add life and depth to any room. A natural fiber rug is a wonderful neutral that instantly adds inviting texture. 
At Home Decorators Collection, you can find a banded 5' x 7'9" seagrass rug for $129.00!

You could easily paint the cotton binding a different color to coordinate with other elements in your room (though I like it just fine as is). Charlotte Moss, the ultimate New York stylemaker, recently debuted a sisal rug with a custom painted pattern for a New York showhouse.
A few more options from Home Decorators:

Kampur Coir Rug, for a rougher texture and more streamlined look.
$149 for 7' x 9'

Premium Braided Jute Area Rug
With knotted, loose ends - a bit more formal.
$249 for 7' x 9'  
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Added bonus? The last two rugs are reversible, meaning twice the value. Another great source for rugs is West Elm. Even better if you can purchase the in-store sample for a discount or catch them on sale. Here are two favorites:
Diamond Jute Rug - this pattern can actually work as a neutral.
$229 for 8' x 10'

Zigzag Rug - Madeline Weinrib-inspired for a much better price.
Instantly, you have a modern element to the room.
$229 for 5' x 8'

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Fabric. Check out the remnants section of your local fabric store (such as Joann Fabrics). I found enough yards of a quality, chocolate linen to make curtains - for $7/yd.* Additionally, you can find great patterns in surprising places - use this upbeat curtain fabric from Urban Outfitters to upholster a headboard, sew a coverlet or cover a pillow:

Climbing Blossom Curtain on sale for $19.99! 
52" wide in 63" or 84" lengths
Image from here.

Side note: If you aren't handy with a sewing machine, many drycleaners will make curtains, slipcovers, etc. for you with your own fabric.

Check out these fabric solutions from Ikea:
Coordinating Fialena fabrics for $6.99/yd each
And classic stripes for $7.99 yd 

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A surprising source for wallpaper? Target.
Grasscloth! On sale for $40.49/roll

Mode Darcy Wallpaper on sale at $59.49/roll
A modern look for a downstairs bathroom or hallway without being overpowering.

Brewster Zinnia Wallpaper in Green on sale for $63.74
Soft and lovely.

Odyssey in Black on sale for $59.49
This is right up Kelly Wearstler's alley, paired with gold furniture pieces.

Images from here.
Wallpaper is a luxury, which is why making a statement in a small space is a great use for it - the closet, bathroom, a hallway (even just above a chair rail). I love seeing wallpaper in a home, you can immediately sense the personality of the homeowner.

And last but never least, there is always paint. By simply putting a color on the walls, trim or ceiling, you immediately dictate the mood of the room. It is hands-down the most affordable and simple way to add life to your space. Go for super high gloss on a chair or accent piece (table, lamp, stool, etc.) to mimic the expensive look of lacquer. You can always change it.

Now that is a deal.

*The damn curtains were an unfortunate failure. I got lazy, didn't measure twice in my haste and ruined them. The fabric was great and such a steal . . . before I touched it with scissors. Lesson learned.