I Have A Corn Problem

Ahem, the food kind.
I have been known to eat 3 - 4 cobs of fresh corn in the summer. In one sitting.

And my all-time, hands down favorite food is movie theater popcorn with butter (not the microwave or pot popcorn variety; those just aren't as tasty). No, I don't think that's weird. And no, I've never researched the calorie count nor the ingredient list for either of those foods. I also do not plan to.

Corn pudding, corn grits, you name it, if it has butter and corn, I am eating it and it's on the menu until Jon bans it. And then I might just make enough for me. 

Jon has a running joke, what with the proliferation of corn fields in Wisconsin and the general Midwest, that the doors must be locked and car speed increased whenever we drive past one.

I finally got in there at Barthel's apple orchard.

This was just before I realized the stalks had already been harvested.

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