Trivia Queen

A few weeks back the Trivia Masters held a Quiz Bowl, complete with costume requirements and a Wii tournament. Our team* chose to dress as the Royal Family (assuming an easy win, given our Trivia Master is British). 

Sadly, the whole thing was rigged and a bunch of overweight gentlemen in half shirts that spelled out "Quiz Bowl" won over our group's fantastic showing (which included the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate and Wils, the Duke, and a quite elegant Camilla Parker Bowles). 

Karmically, first prize turned out to be a couple of crappy digital cameras ("one step up from a throwaway," per our Trivia Master). Today we realized all was not lost. The Queen has made an official appearance on the trivia home page!

*Jon and I were en route back from Mexico and sadly had to miss the festivities. 

Small Victories

My friend Emmie just returned from South Africa for work (rough job, right?), and showed up to trivia last night with heaven on Earth, my own personal manna, two glorious delicacies mixed in one - a food that I did not even know existed . . . 

Wine gummies. 

Okay, so there isn't really any wine in there, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the box. Made this pregnant lady's evening. 

Small victories over here. 


Baby Room Redo

Here is the color on the walls, and the glider and crib we put together this weekend. Phew! 

The color is coming off very blue in this photo, though it is more of a grey in person. I plan to choose fabrics that bring out the grey. 

A Jenny Lind-style crib and a budget-buy glider. I couldn't bring myself to spend $1000 on a glider that I didn't even love that much. This one was on sale for 1/3 of that cost. I plan to add trim to the bottom hem in a coordinating fabric. It isn't the prettiest, but on the plus side, it is ridiculously comfortable. 

Since our baby room is also our guest room and is rather small in size, the bed has been relegated to the former closet and new "nook." Headboard and bedskirt will be redone (so excited to go shopping!). 

We're thinking once the baby's in his or her room for good and the grandparents are gone, the bed will make it's way to the basement until we are in a new place. Meaning blow-up mattress styles for any future guests . . . with lots and lots of beer to make it more comfortable (or forgettable)!

Stage 1, complete.


Loving This

Chair from West Elm. A modern, less expensive version of a timeless classic. Upholster that seat in a fun fabric, maybe make a low, curling lumbar cushion for the back and . . . adorable. 

Photo via

Earth Hour 2011

Each year on the third Saturday in March millions across the globe take part in a stand against climate change. Earth Hour, started in Australia in 2007, asks each of us to turn the lights off in our home for just one hour. Last year 128 countries participated in the movement, making it the world's largest climate change initiative. 

The time to switch off the lights, eat dinner in candlelight, watch a movie, or enjoy the stars (if you're somewhere warm, luckies)? 

8:30 PM (local time), Saturday, March 26. 

Set your phone alarms now. 

Take 2

The painter is back today to re-do the baby's room. Woo hoo! 

Which means the rest of the weekend will be devoted to putting the crib and glider together, refinishing the chest of drawers/changing table (purchased off Craigslist for $90) and trying to cram a guest bed somewhere in there, too. I think I'll finally relax a bit once the major pieces are in place. 

And then I get to go shopping for new headboard fabric, bed and crib linens and shade fabric! Yes!


Happy Birthday Is Over

Had one of my routine visits to the doctor today wherein I was informed that over the past 2 weeks I gained . . . almost 6 POUNDS.


I blame Mexico, the resort's all-inclusive meal plan, those delicious fruity virgin mango margaritas, my inability to eat sushi and stretchy clothing. Just. Furious.

Hello 31 and chubby. Pass the iceberg lettuce.


My Husband, Rick Moranis

This lovely photo came as part of a baby shower package and quickly turned into my favorite "gift" of the day. Una's sole request off the baby registry was the "carrier, so I can carry Baby around all day." Don't have to ask me twice. Done!

Our dear friends the Kiffers gave us the Ergo carrier, along with a personalized ad campaign, complete with a photoshopped and oversized Una-head onto model's body. 

My response to seeing the photo: "Why is Rick Moranis modeling the Ergo?"

And then I realized it was my husband.* 

I'm having it framed.

*Husband looks nothing like Rick Moranis in real life, which makes the pricelessness of this photo even greater.

Hola, New Decade

Hope you have that champagne cocktail for me!


Compromise: Cake and Wine

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. For the first time in my entire life, I have no desire to celebrate it (and this is saying a lot, coming from the person who preferred a minimum of week-long festivities in the past). 

Courtesy of

I propose a compromise - you go out and have a drink for me! Make it delicious, something you may not normally order (a champagne cocktail, perhaps?) and preferably shared with a good friend or two. Now that would make me happy.


Awesome Blog: Isabella & Max Rooms

Meet Isabella and Max Rooms!

Just discovered this incredible DIY blog from a mom with fantastic taste and expert hands. Her DIY projects look professionally done, and she lays each one out with easy instructions (most of them through her posts for HGTV - she's the real deal). 

Check out some of her handy creations:

Dropcloth Slipcovers for Dining Room Chairs

Stenciled Tray (great as a gift idea)

Embellished Roller Shades (I plan to do this with fabric for the baby's room)

Customizing Ready-Made Drapes

Upholstered and Nailhead -Trim Headboard

All photos via Isabella and Max Rooms

Turns out I had saved a photo of her son's bedroom from another blog in my design file. So pumped about this discovery!


DIY Pattern Curtains

Courtesy of Casasugar . . . 

Our Fifth House posted a very inexpensive way to switch up your curtains for the spring and summer seasons. Check it out!

I like to change the drapes in my family room with the seasons. I like something a bit heavier for the Fall and Winter, and then when Spring rolls around I like something a little lighter and brighter. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I was definitely itching for a change.
I decided to make my own drapes using paint drop cloths and a stencil that I already had.  The drop cloths were $9.99 each at Lowes. I used stitch witchery to hem the sides, and then used an ikat stencil from here to create my own drapes. I also used a little stitch witchery to attach a ribbon to the edge to give them a nice finished look.

Textile Medium transforms acrylic craft paint into fabric paint.  Why is this important?!  Well, if you've ever bought actual fabric paint then you know it typically comes in very small bottles, and it's much more expensive than your regular old acrylic craft paint.  In addition, fabric paint typically doesn't offer a wide range of colors to choose from in most craft stores.  Regular acrylic craft paint comes in every imaginable color under the sun!  Textile Medium gives you more options at a better price!  The product itself runs between $4-$6 for an 8 oz. bottle.  

Once the stenciling was done and the paint was dry, I used the iron to heat set the paint.  Just iron the back side to set the paint and you're painted fabric will be completely washable.

For me, the drapes are too long and I would have placed the rod at the ceiling/above the clerestory window, but this is definitely an incredibly finished look for mere pennies! Especially for those of you in college or moving into your first apartment - an easy and inexpensive way to make a room look put-together (a patterned fabric alone will run you minimum $10 - $20/yard). Sizoon - get cracking!
Full post here!


Bloomberry's Providence Shower

Some pictures at last! Part 2 - I'll post the rest of the onesies shortly. In the meantime, a snapshot recap of the day . . . 

 Festive flags decorated everything from food, flowers to games.

 Pictures of me and Una as babies and little kids were scattered throughout. Above is one of Jon and his sister, Ashley. No doubt he's hysterically laughing at something he said. 

 Candy for the sweets maniac (moi).

 The blank onesies hung across the fireplace and windows, ready for decoration. That's Una again on top of the mantle.

 Baby photos and food. That pic to the right might be one of my all-time favorites. Una was the spitting image of a balding, elderly man for the first few weeks of his life.


 Checking out the "Nose Frida Snot Shot," the newest in baby de-snotting tools.

 Mother- and sister-in-laws

Bloomberry's great grandmother, Meems, telling me about my uncle Charlie's birth (hence the serious expression). She's going to be 93 - looking fabulous!

 One of the 'games' - guessing which baby photo matched which guest. As the sole attendee who knew every person in the room, one would assume I should have won. In fact, the two pictures that left me clueless were . . . my sister and sister in law. 
I mean, really

 The youngest attendee, and better behaved than some other, much older guests. A-hem.
(Just kidding.)

My  mom and sisters, hosts of the wonderful party. 
You can see that I clearly won the tanning contest while in the Bahamas.

Thank you everyone who came!


Beer Shmeer

I don't know about you, but it doesn't even feel like St. Patrick's Day out here. Aside from the 17 kids in green shirts at the elementary school where I volunteer, this day would have slipped by unnoticed like a redheaded stepchild, much like last week's Ash Wednesday (clearly I'm a good Catholic). 

So far my St. Patrick's Day has involved a 3 AM wakeup call (thanks, third trimester), accidentally stabbing the palm of my hand with a vegetable knife, and a serious case of Unruly Hair. 

What are you up to? Am presuming it's a lot more exciting than this rodeo. Ridiculous drunken photos and costume uploads encouraged in the comments section. Get after it, my leprechaun friends.


It's Cake O'Clock Somewhere

Once upon a time, many months ago, I couldn't wait for the clock to strike 6:00 PM, ensuring a delicious, relaxing and non-judgmental glass of red wine. On a particularly bad day, noon could roll around and I'd be staring at my lonely wineglass wondering if it was available for an emergency clandestine meeting. 

My, how things have changed. 

Today I found myself looking at the clock at 11 AM and seriously pondering if it was too early for an ice cream sundae. (No, I hadn't eaten lunch. There's calcium-rich milk in ice cream, people.) Where once, in my twenties, I wondered what the appropriate time was for my first cocktail, I now find myself questioning at what hour in the morning cake is considered nutritious. 

Photo via

I've determined there is no such hour. 

As the wise pregnancy adage goes, it's cake o'clock somewhere. Consider me armed, hungry and dangerous. 


March/April Lonny!

The newest issue of Lonny is out!

Get it here!

And want to know something extra awesome about this online magazine? Click on any picture or shop title and it will automatically take you the corresponding web page!

Copy Cat Chic Does It Again

Great post today!

Safavieh Floating Medallion Rug (7'6 x 9'6) at Horchow on sale for $1086.00

Handmade Medallion Wool Rug (6' x 9') at Overstock for $281.99!

Update: Such a hit, the Overstock version is sold out. Looking for a rug? Overstock and Home Decorators Collection have great 'copycats' for whatever style you prefer!


Relief for Japan

Donate today to help the millions of Japanese men, women and children who were affected by the staggering 8.9 earthquake and ensuing tsunami. Here are some photos depicting the landscape before and after the horrific destruction. 






See more photos from 

Visit or text 'REDCROSS' to 90999 to donate $10 via text message. The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund through Global Giving is working to raise $1 million dollars to assist the local efforts - check them out and give here.

Every cent counts. 

Wishful Shopping

I just received a bunch of catalogs in the mail and man, with spring in the air, I am ready to shop (or "burn cash" as Una likes to call it)! Sadly, the impending baby gets all the fun (as if I'm buying new clothes when I just read I'm due to gain an additional 11 pounds in the next 10 weeks). If I could shop away, here are some beauties that caught my eye . . . 

From Boden (, the British retailer, a Tipped Sixties Jacket for $168.00 (check out the other, much better colors online - particularly the navy and parchment versions)

Jersey Blazer for $98.00

Terrazzo Tunic for $88.00

From The Land of Nod, the kid's decor brand, these adorable nautical-inspired pillows for $29 and $35

Framed art for a child's bathroom for $89 each

Oh, and Claws Von Brown the Bear

and Dee O. Gee the Dog (the ears are too much!), $46 each

From Ballard Designs, this Louis Square Back Chair in two fabrics (one for the back, one for the seat), perfect for a desk ($329.00)

5' x 8' Trellis Sisal Rug for $229.00

Atoll Mirror for $179.00 (now on sale for 20% off!)

Julian Apothecary Floor Lamp in Antique Brass for $99

Classic Avery Mirror on sale for $160.00

Voltaire Chest/Desk for $949.00 (what a beautiful way to hide a workspace)

And because I have a stool problem, why not these two? The Gathered Wheat Garden Ceramic Seat for $119.00 

Or the Serena Bench in Distressed Gray Over White for $379.00

Clearly Rhode Island (the "Ocean State") will never leave me. Nautica obsession continues . . . Happy shopping!