This weekend Jon and I attended an auction in a dirty warehouse in Bay View (a funky, up-and-coming part of Milwaukee). Hundreds of pieces of furniture, art work, home decor, books . . . anything and everything. Of course, after previewing the goods at 9 AM, you have to wait around until your piece comes up to the auctioneer. Even if that's at 4:30 PM.

Considering we've got the patience of two dogs staring at a pile of beef chili topped with Beggin' Strips, we took in the preview, noted our items, and left to do errands, assuming we'd make it back at the 2:00 PM break. Errands turned into lunch at Comet Cafe's sister restaurant, Honeypie, which promptly derailed us. 

Because I ate this:
Eggs Benedict on biscuits with apple-gouda sausage and a gruyere-mustard sauce. To say this was the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had is a ridiculous understatement. Jon continually claims that I pick the better meal when we're out (followed by strategic pouting until I give him half of whatever I've got, which I do primarily because the caloric count equals the population of a small Asian country). 

After this meal, he stated that from this point forward while out on our eating tour of Milwaukee, I would order first, he would then tell the waiter/ress that he'd, in fact, be having my selection, and I would choose another.

In the spirit of not getting obese, I very kindly gave Jon half of one of the Benedicts. And demolished the rest:

Here I am gripping my belly after surpassing yet another portion milestone.
We went straight home after this.


  1. I would commit a moderately serious crime to eat that. Right. Now.

  2. Also, just noticed that the plate is significantly bigger than your body...wowza!

  3. Ok I'll start hitchhiking now. ETA: Labor Day 2010