Uh oh.

It's arrived! Well, not technically, as I was born just after 7:00 AM on this miracle of days. I am holding onto 29 with a death grip until then. Clearly, peace of mind as one ages is not a given.

And nope - didn't go anywhere this weekend. Una fully tricked me and instead had 7 family and friends fly out to surprise me! It was, hands down, the best birthday I have ever had. My sisters Emily and Eliza, my brother Jeb, cousin Bryce, and friends Char, James and Joines wreaked havoc on the Milwaukee environs and unsuspecting 'Sconsinites from Friday lunch through dinnertime last night. It was amazing.

Highlights from our PG-31 weekend (as my sister Emily took to calling it) to come, which involved a Wolski's thong, 80's gear, karate chops to the neck, party sashes constructed of toilet paper, a new dance called the "Poop and Lookout," a mustachioed man named Nitro, a bung from Lakefront Brewery, and, obviously, Real Chili.

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  1. Love and kisses on your bung for your bday!