The Brat Stop

Just a few miles over the Wisconsin-Illinois border, in the same region as these two delights, is the Brat Stop. Though this one lacks the architectural integrity of Mars Cheese Castle and the intimate feel of Bobby's, it remains an emblem of Wisconsin gastronomy: big portions, tasty food, a side of grease, and good prices.
Prime location: 'tween a Taco Bell and Sunoco. 
Yes, capacity for 2000. The roof appeared to be a metal tent. No expense spared on decor. Menus = awesome.
Stand outs? The brat (duh) and the Reuben. Unfortunately, starved as we were (we were completely sidetracked on our way home by the "Pleasant Prairie" outlet mall), I forgot to take a picture of the food until it was almost gone.
Interesting side note? Most delicious fries ever. The smushy kind, similar to McDonald's. That coffee cup up top holds German potato salad, which tasted neither German nor potato-like.

Another notch on the belt that is our mid-west eating life! A notch looser, of course.


  1. a) I love Brat Stop, a constant en route from Chicago to Lake Delevan in my childhood.
    b) at first glance I thought the top piece of bread was a gecko--- scary!!

  2. It's a Chicago thing, I think (being off the highway en route to lake houses and all). My boss here hadn't even heard of it!