Cheap Trick

Need a console table for lamps and to display pictures behind a couch or in an entryway? A temporary bar or tailgating table? Extra dining space for additional guests or to use outdoors? But you don't want to spend money on another piece of furniture that isn't perfect. And let's be real, perfect is expensive. And time-consuming to locate.

Tablevogue has come up with a genius solution: a floor-length natural-colored slipcover with box pleats for folding tables. You know, those cheap bendable situations that everyone has hiding in their basement because they are hideous but necessary. I admit it: we have one. Check them out in their new glory:
All photos via Tablevogue

From $39.99 - $59.99 based on table size.

You could also dye the fabric a darker color, stencil a monogram on top or front, sew a ribboned border or attach a trim along the base to make it even more chic. I am in love. At least until I can get that perfect piece of furniture. And I win the lotto.
Damn you, leprechaun!


  1. this, Abbey. When I graduated from college, my parents gave me a folding card table. I was a bit horrified...but I think I've used it more than anything else in the house. And now it won't look so Costco.

  2. Yeah, I'm signing up for this as well. That bar table probably looks nicer than any of my real furniture. Hah.