Oh, geez. We have only ourselves to blame for the love handle situation.

After the haunted corn maze we headed back to Milwaukee and to Comet Cafe for the unlisted Akimbo burger:

1/2 pound beef
jalapeno relish
barbecue sauce
onion rings
fried egg
grilled cheese sandwich buns

Behold, the Akimbo:

We split this puppy and a bottle of wine.

I kid you not, this was the most delicious burger I have ever had. Jon and I cleaned our plates. Yes, we shared (unlike the guy at the other end of the joint who ate one all by himself - showoff) and it was really, really unhealthy but so dang tasty. I'm thinking the next time I have a grilled cheese it should include bacon, egg and barbecue sauce. Sounds sick, and it was. In a real good way.

This one's not going to be good for the belly. Inside or out.

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