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My brain is running a little slow this morning after too many Harps at our local Irish pub, the County Clare. [Highlight? A grown woman in her 50's in a full-on leprechaun costume: pants, coat, tights, shoes with buckles, cap. She also maxxed out at 4' 10 inches. Shit. I think this was the leprechaun I was meant to interrogate for the treasure crocks! I blame you, Harp! Furious right now.] 

Instead of having to actually write anything, I did some internet shopping at 1stdibs again. I love this site:

Paolo Buffa Console from 1940's Italy - The back is finished as a small bookshelf, so that this piece could be placed as a 'separater' in a large room (no need to hide an ugly back against a wall!) that has several functions (living-dining room, etc). Loving the carved inserts for the brass rings.

I take issue with most rugs. I never want my eye to immediately go to the floor when I enter a room, unless it's for a beautiful wood floor or antique tiles. But I am loving the deep charcoal color of this antique Agra rug from early 20th century India:
This 1970's bronzed-steel root cocktail table is a unique piece. I am not a fan of glass sheets simply laid upon bases to create a "table" - it always looks unfinished to me. I think I would swap this glass out for something else, perhaps an unstained piece of wood, or for a more glamorous look, white marble. Of course, I say this and it all depends on what it looks like in person. The glass may be perfect for it (it is a restored, unnamed piece, so swapping it out would not take away from the historical value). Very sculptural and open.
1970's Mazzega chandelier with two-toned Murano glass - I'd put this over an eat-in kitchen table (and not in a dining room). The hanging chain takes away from the formality of the piece, and the white color works well with the modern appliances you find in kitchens.
Original rounded-arm leather "bridge chairs" from 1930s France in perfect condition - not only do these look comfortable and completely usable, the color of the leather is so rich. Your guests won't be afraid to sit in these! The tapered legs and leather-covered backs are just beautiful.
Seriously, I love these chairs. Now back to bed. Butler, bring me my advil and an egg, sausage and cheese sandwich!

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