The Couchscapade Continues

If you haven't noticed, I like to mix the word 'escapade' with other ones. There's just so much mystery in that word! What happened, what went wrong?! The drama of it all! The excitement!

Anywho, late last week the company we ordered our couch from left a lovely little message on Una's phone that our fabric was no longer available. All used up. Our new option was to review the choices left on the website. You know, the ones that people really didn't want.

Thank gad (midwestern accent for ya) there was a normal one left - "Natural Twill." Of course, when I asked if they could send me a free sample ahead of the couch (now arriving at the end of April), that wouldn't do either. They were all out of those, too.

Oh boy, do we like a little adventure! Color of the couch? Why, I have no idea! Is it soft? Who knows! Will it work with the paint on the living room walls? It'll have to!

Good thing this company has a respectable reputation or I'd unleash Big Lots Jon unto them.

They would fear for their little lives, if they only knew.

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