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Some recent offerings by Belle Fiori and Abbey:

"Sunny Smiles" by Teleflora!

Crappy photo from my 1985 phone - purple tulips and monte casino asters.

Sunflowers for $25.00. 

That's about the largest arrangement you will get for that amount of money. To understand the arrangement size/type of flowers you are receiving, you first have to subtract the cost of the vase from the price, then the labor. Whatever is left is for the flowers (greens are free!). For a larger arrangement, you can amass less expensive flowers for visual impact (unless you're willing to spend closer to $100 and over for higher-end varieties). If there is a particular, costly flower you want, the arrangement is likely to be smaller (lilies, orchids, etc.). The most inexpensive flowers are mini and regular carnations, tulips (in season), iris, monte casino or Japanese asters, alstromeria, any kind of mum; mid-range varieties are roses, sunflowers, Gerbera daisies, spider mums, "fillers" (spray flowers with several branches of flowers on a single stem - baby's breath, caspia, forsythia, solidago, wax flower, heather), gladiolus/snapdragons/larkspur/delphinium/liatris (the tall guys). 'Fancy' flowers are orchids, lilies, anything out of season and especially those that do not last long (such as my favorite, the anemone). We will need to order several extra of the last kind in order to ensure there is a beautiful bloom available on the day needed.

Now you know why your arrangement costs what it does the next time you visit a florist.

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  1. Now I know not to believe a word you say abt your abilities in the floral dept. Those are so pretty! I love the tulips