On to London

New York Fashion Week has flown the coop to London. Here are some last looks that can take a permanent trip to my closet:

Ralph Lauren: Fall Florals (the cut of this dress looks incredibly flattering).

Tommy Hilfiger with Peter Som: Casual Warmth with Gingham Chiffon - just genius. You'd think this wouldn't work, but it does.

Tommy Hilfiger with Peter Som.2 - Hello Fall Shorts and Sparkly Blazer (and I've been rocking this side part with a bobby pin lately, too). I might replicate this entire outfit.

Erin Featherston - Neutral Boots, Flattering Dress, Bright Color, Glasses? Done.

Erin Featherston.2 - White Blazer, Pattern Dress, Neutral Boots. Done and doner.

Isaac Mizrahi - A Little Less Flash - a different take on short and sequins, sexy but not too much.

Naeem Khan - All over this. One shoulder, Metallic, Intricate Beading (a little Eastern flair), Sheer. An unforgettable dress. Check out the back in the photo below.

And one for Jon, a la Tommy Hilfiger and Peter Som - So handsome, not the least bit stuffy.
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