That Una

It was a sad and loving weekend. Jon and I flew home last night just exhausted. And I haven't slept right since we found out. So today I took a mental health day where Jon said he'd do 'whatever I wanted to.'

He didn't have to ask me that puppy twice. A chick flick was happening.

Jon refuses to watch chick flicks on some insane principle I refuse to acknowledge (testosterone?) and as such, I get to see one about every 3-4 months. Finally! Today's options included: Leap Year with the adorable Matt Goode ( score - 20%), When In Rome with annoying Kristen Bell but beautiful Italy (20%), or It's Complicated with rich older folks acting naughty in Santa Barbara (57%).

Mm hmm, we are not allowed to see a movie without first consulting the Rotten Tomatoes rating. The amount these scores dictate "our" ticket purchases is staggeringly embarrassing. Especially when you consider we see a movie on average once a week.

Obviously we had to see It's Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. Theater population? Twelve 50+ broads (I counted), me . . . and one man: Una.

He's a good one, that Una.

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