Someone Cool

How rad is this apartment?

Photo via Pixy's Crap

The book storage has classic, architectural details, the couch/day bed area has a relaxed, Morroccan, cabana feel with the curtain and ottoman (and reflects the view with a cleverly-placed mirror), and the curved, iron-railing staircase has so much charm. If this was a studio, you could easily place the bed where the couch sits (if it doesn't fit in the loft space, which could then make an amazing study/desk sitch). 

This kind of unique, smart decorating reminds me that you can make any space unforgettable. A carpenter can install molding to create a library feel, the curtain and rod is easy enough for any homeowner and the rest is simply curating your own pieces - objects, books, frames, furniture, art. Since I am not an interior designer, I would look through books to get ideas and inspiration on how to group my possessions. 

And the columns are just gorgeous. Yup, someone cool lives here. 

P.S. Every time I look at this picture I notice something else - the skylight? Sigh.

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