We Have a Houseguest

Here's the routine that occurs every 7 minutes, apparently long enough for the dogs to unite and play, ignore each other, and then completely forget about the other's existence, thereby leading to a joyful reunion . . . again. 

1. Who is this stranger I have never met? A friend! Yes! Welcome to my land!

2. Come, Aslan, let's check out the abundant poop that appears daily in  the backyard. Where does this stuff come from? Smells familiar.

2. Wait! I can't run that fast - I have two bad hips and four bad knees! Stop and do what I say, I am your elder! I am furious! Do NOT smack me in the face with your paw. That is it. We are done. Where did you go?

3. Separation. The yard is a lonely forest of trees and snow.

4. Ignoring and amnesia. . . What are these smells? Must check perimeter of yard to gauge security. Will pee over each yellow stain to ensure domination over this wild territory.

5. Stranger! Welcome! So nice to meet you! I am Bloom, Houston Bloom. (Reunion.)

The excitement never stops around here!


  1. Hilarious and very clever. Bud and Clem taught you so much...

  2. Really priceless and so clever indeed. Houston looks likes she hasn't aged a day having the woods of Milwaukee in her back yard, not to mention friends coming to visit !!!!