My Fall Closet

I love fashion. I just freaking love it.

The fall 2010 collections at New York Fashion Week are well underway. If I had Gisele's body and a Trump bank account (from the good years), I'd wear the craziest outfits off the runway. The ones where you just have to accept the designer's "vision," even if it takes you to the insane aisle at Barney's. A few problems - 1, you need to weigh approximately 108 pounds and be only 4 inches taller than I am on a good day to wear them, and 2, you must also sell your house and firstborn child in order to purchase the dang things.

Designers dictate the trends that all of the mass market retailers (Banana Republic, H&M, even Target) will sell in their stores. Since my bank account is more of a coin purse, I'm shopping these market retailers on sale days. Some highlights from the 2010 shows thus far, of which a variation will hopefully make it to my closet via Ann Taylor Loft. Yeah, I shop there. I said it.

Please, please, Couture Santa, bring me:

1. Sick Pants and Shoes from Doo.Ri (and the model's legs, if it's not too much)

2. Naval-Inspired Double-Breasted Coat from Ruffian

3. Leather-trimmed Cardigan and Schoolboy Blazer from Rag and Bone

4. Obscene Jacket from Rag and Bone. Must. Own. or Will Die.

5. Vintage-Inspired Boots from Alexander Wang

6. Neutral-Toned Sweater Dress/Jacket-in-One from Ports 1961 (I'll take the hair, too)

6. Electric Blue Geo-inspired Pattern from Lela Rose

7. Texture from Chris Benz

8. Saturated Color from Monique Lhuillier

9. Structured Drapery from Costello Tagliapetra

10. Adorable, Wearable Cocktail Dresses from Lela Rose

11. Sexy from Victoria Beckham; I would keep this for decades! Pretty please!

12. Softness from Jason Wu

12. The New One Shoulder/Sleeve from Lela Rose

Lucky 13. Yes all over from Carolina Herrera - beautiful gown, interesting pattern, and fashion statement jacket

P.S. Model Award goes to Karlie Kloss, the new Gisele/Daria/Raquel Z./etc. It actually appears as if she's gliding along on a moving sidewalk.

Nice legs, jerk! Unfair.

All images via Style.com

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