V Day at Our Place

Today caps off five days in a row (the horror!) working at the shop to cover the Valentine's Day crush. On Friday, the busiest day, our freelance driver was a no-show. My boss was seriously concerned that our two staff drivers would be delivering 'til next Wednesday. So . . . I may have offered Jon as a short-term solution, knowing he was in the midst of a 5-day work break and probably lounging on the couch in his undies and a sweatshirt, eating chips for breakfast.

A phone call ensued:

Moi: Hi! I have a question for you.

Una: . . . What.

Moi: Our-driver-bailed-and-we-are-short-someone-can-you-deliver-flowers-today-from-10-to-12-just-the-ones-close-to-our-house-I-love-you-it's-Valentine's-weekend!

Una: Nice try.

Moi: I'm serious. We don't have anyone else.

Una: But I'm all the way over by Walmart.

Mio: [Shopping radar shoots up - no new grills! It's 25 degrees outside! Illegal!] Walmart - what are you buying? 

Una: I'm by Walmart. [Pause] I'm at Big Lots.

Moi: [Big Lots!] What?! Don't buy that $70 grill. What are you up to?

Una: Um, nothing. Anyway, I'm far away. I won't get to you in time.

Moi: You are 3.11 miles away. I'll see you in 10 minutes.

Una: God, fine. Bye.

Moi: Love you!

Jon arrived and was a wonderful deliveryman, despite having no directional sense whatsoever (thank you, Garmin) and a near-accident when the rose balloon bouquet blocked any vision out of the windshield. He worked for two and a half hours and literally saved the day (and the rest of us hours of shop time). Sneaky man that he is, when my boss told him she'd send his pay home with me, he arranged for her to make me a Valentine's bouquet instead. Here it is in all its glory:
I think it may be the prettiest bouquet I've ever received. Roses, stargazer lilies, stock, wax flower, eucalyptus and salal greens. It smells amazing. [The vase is too big, but it was all we had.]

So before work yesterday, as a thank you to my driving Valentine, I made him breakfast:

A very manly, pink heart pancake, Valentine's Day breakfast.