A New, Special Milestone

You might as well lump me in with the rest of middle-aged, middle America. I have officially purchased something from . . . the Home Shopping Network. (And no, it wasn't the Thighmaster, though I believe that remains a bestseller.)

I recently discovered Nate Berkus's collection for HSN (that's what those of us in the know call it) in the pages of Metropolitan Home magazine, sadly now gone to distant pastures with Domino, O at Home, Southern Accents and Cottage Living

There are some legit deals on HSN, though they get you with the shipping (despite ordering two items both available immediately, they somehow had to ship separately). 

Check out the massive (8 x 10), 100% wool kilim rug I scored in orange for $60.00:
And this is a pretty clever idea - he sells "tablescapes," or coordinated groupings of accessories. I bought this set on clearance for $12 (where can you find two large, quality frames for four dollars each - ever?!):
Here are some other great items I spied while 'illegally' shopping (as Jon would say). A clever marketing tool? Many higher priced items can be purchased through multiple, smaller payments.
Studio Sofa for $499.90 or 4 payments of $124.98 
Moroccan Mirror for $159.90 or 3 payments of $53.30
Wrap Headboard for $449.90 or 4 payments of $112.48

There are usually several upholstery options, as well. Check them out! 
Uh oh, HSN has a new fan . . .


  1. Umm, Bryce has that wrap headboard and I'm obsessed with it.

  2. Oh man. J'adore your rug. And the package from the Barrett household arrived today. I am in love with the box in which my blanket was packed...and also with the fact that it was packed with chocolate added. Oh fantastic.

  3. Ahhh that was only months late!!

  4. I'm the idiot who left it there...I was just happy to have it again. Thanks!