Sewing for Kindergarteners

I am going to have to take this sewing class three times over to feel somewhat comfortable with my machine. However, after only four hours of class time, I finally finished my pillow. Ta da!
Before you get ahead of yourself thinking it looks professional and I should probably start selling them for 500 a pop (a steal, really), you have yet to observe the 2-3 rows of stitching on one seam. Along with several loose pivot stitches, chalk marks on one corner and the fact that I could not follow my own centerpoint (marked on the inside and compensated for by moving the overlap) because cutting the dang fabric was . . . not a straight situation, let's just say. As in, I've got work to do.
The backside, or butt, if you will.
As you can see, the pillow slides into the back (nevermind those unironed bed sheets - I just can't bring myself to iron a dang bed! Where is a maid when you need one). The fabric was from Calico Corners and is a heavy-weight canvas with fringing details. I plan to make a few more of these for our bed and the guest room in coordinating patterns and colors (that way I can swap them all around when I get bored). It's not shopping when it's homework, Jon!

Pillow number one down.


  1. Beautiful! I am so impressed...

  2. Yay, Abbey!! It looks awesome. I LOVE THE FABRIC. Good for you. See how much one can get done between jobs? I hope to see all of your amazing handiwork in person sometime!

  3. Looks great Abs! Don't sell yourself short at $500 a piece though.