And The Doody-Ball Teeth Return

A few weeks back I had to get an older filling replaced that had broken. Which I did. And then the pain got ten times worse. Today I finally had my appointment at a new, much more modern dentist office. (The old one stood the entire time he "fixed" my tooth, all the while warning me that if something hurt, I should let him know and he'd go ahead and re-anesthetize that region. In case he hadn't given me enough for the drilling.) Since I've been popping Advil every 8 hours for the past month to deal with the throbbing pain in my upper left gums post-filling, I pretty much assumed I would be getting a root canal. 


Turns out that tooth is the least of my worries and after being shaved down so that I don't put all of my biting pressure on it, it's on hold. Two other problem teeth showed their evil roots. First, a teenage-era filling in a tooth that once actually cracked in pieces - that one is now an immediate crown emergency. Unless I'd like to wait for it to break again and be out of a tooth completely.

Let's gamble on that one!
And no.

The second a-hole is the fault of a dentist many years ago who put a silver filling behind my top front left tooth. Which my young female dentist informed me would eventually SHOW THROUGH MY TOOTH. 

As in - you've got food on your tooth, ma'am.
Oh, THAT. That's permanent. My dentist recommended it!

So nevermind the throbbing pain that shoots up my cheek, let's just deal with the tooth that may or may not survive the next few weeks and doesn't hurt a bit, as well as the looming pirate-inspired BLACK FRONT TOOTH.

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