A Bad Development

An unfortunate recent discovery: Dairy Queen. 

Yes, we have these on the East Coast, but TCBY was closer, "healthier," and well, I never went to one. [Upon finding a Dairy Queen in the mall food court - I realize there are many things wrong with that sentence, but this is the Midwest, people! - I asked the cashier if they had low fat ice cream. To which she replied, "I . . . think . . . it's low fat." Believed that! Almost handed her an Oscar right there. Not.]

This first trip turned into three visits in the last 10 days. Here is Jon on Saturday, jealous of my solo ice cream delights, sampling his first Blizzard in years.

And here is the current ad campaign for Dairy Queen:

Clearly a bad development for both of us. On the plus side, the M&M Blizzard is tremendous. Una went for the May special - Caramel Brownie, with Reese's Peanut Butter cups thrown in for good measure. 

And we wonder why we've added near 10% to our New York weight? 

No, we do not wonder at all.

P.S. Lovely floor tiles in the DQ. Not.

P.P.S. Bringing the not back. Happening.


  1. Oh man...DQ is the rage here in Maine. cream is the state religion.

  2. Beer is here. Followed by brats. I'm vetoing further visits to DQ.