Must Own: ChumBuddy

Though as Jon reminded me, the Shark Council may get me for this one. (What? I'm terrified of sharks and am convinced there is a Shark Council that has a constant Amber Alert on my ocean whereabouts. The rare occasions I'm in, it's an immediate dispatch to the closest shark to get to my glowingly pale legs.) My terror, however, is matched by a ridiculous fascination with any and all things shark-related.

Many people find this humorous, including Jon, who on a vacation to Bermuda and in the midst of a swim to a distant rock, screamed shark at the top of his lungs. Just to scare me. I'm still furious and just decided he's getting cereal for dinner as payback.

Anywho, my younger sister Eliza sent me this incredible find, which I Must Own. Meet "The Chumbuddy":

Photos from

7 feet long and a steal at $199.95. Need.

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