Bad Decision #2958

Since Una is studying for the CFA (one week from Saturday!), I am pretty much on my own all the time. Which is okay by me, for the most part. When I was younger, I would lock myself in my room to get away from everything (such as the other 5 members of the Barrett family, plus the additional insane cat and two dogs). I've even seen movies by myself. All good, quality times with Moi. On the weekends, however, it gets a tad aggressive come Sunday. So Jon and I have developed a plan wherein I pick him up from his study locale for lunch and we have a date for an hour before his ankle bracelet starts buzzing and his evil mistress, the CFA, calls up furious and tapping her sensible-shoe-wearing foot. Greedy hooker.

This past Sunday we decided Saz's, a local ribs joint with a "large spread" brunch (per Jon's colleague), would be a good place to try. Har har. "Large spread" was, as usual, an understatement for anyone living outside the metro Milwaukee area. Let's list the items available, all for $15.95: pancakes, French toast, baked egg and ham casserole, eggs Benedict, beef stew, buffalo chicken tenders, potato pancakes, every breakfast meat imaginable, cheesy home fry casserole (not again!), macaroni and cheese, an omelette station, a fruit bar, a donut bar, bagels and smoked salmon, an ice cream sundae station complete with cookies and brownies and, oh yeah, unlimited RIBS. Plus your complimentary mimosa or champagne! 

Clearly not one for restraint, Jon opted to eat one of everything, except the omelet and bagel (but including a meal-ending homemade chocolate chip cookie and brownie sundae with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and M&Ms). What occurred later is not for public recounting. Terrified by the sight of so much food, I went with a perfect combo of: fruit salad and ribs. 

Absolutely not going near a scale, neither of us.

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