Always A Teenager

Here's what I've been up to for the past four days. The front hall's former life involved a mixture of "warm cream" (ahem, light peach) and white paints in various, mismatched locations, courtesy of the previous owners. Why yes, we have lived here almost 10 years, you say. But these people had so much Victorian crap all over the joint, the peach was a welcome leftover in comparison to the lavender damask wallpaper. In the living room.

Old entrance hallway:
You are correct, I am dressed as an Amish woman, albeit one with a penchant for zebra stripes. Those dang window panes took forever to sand, paint and scrape. Its evil twin is at my back. Cuz there were two. No good deed goes unpunished. Whoever said that probably offered to paint a friend's house.

Emily sanding:
And ta-da! The new and improved entrance:
Coral door, white walls and trim, with a pale 'Martha Stewart' blue ceiling (the pediment molding above the door - not original, from the previous owners, again - is not blue, its a shadow). A close-up of the interior side of the door - the exterior is black. A nice little surprise when you enter!
The light fixture, a mercury-glass star and the pale blue ceiling:
The old-school stairs leading up to the second floor - still awaiting touchups in black. Check out the wonky doors:
So, almost finished. We were meant to paint gray vertical stripes along the back stair wall, going up into the second floor hallway (those along the back are simply shadows from the balusters).

Guess I have some homework now. God! It's like I'm 15 all over again! I'll just go ahead and procrastinate on this one like I did, semi-professionally, as a teenager.


  1. Wow! I love it. Abbey- if I pay for you to come to Maine for a week this summer...will you come? I need your risk takingness. I won't make you sand! Just advise me.