Elisabeth Crowley Allen, 1917 - 2010

My grandmother Bama passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 92.5. She had a long life and has been in deteriorating health for the past two years, so it was ultimately the better, but sad, way for her.

Man, she had great hair. Below is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding - Jon speaking with Bama and my other grandmother, Meems, just before the ceremony. Bama was, oh, 4' 10" on a good day. (And Meems is about 5' 6" - apparently all in the legs). Let's just say Bama's personality rendered her a good deal taller than that.

She was the lady in charge (and she really loved Jon). She will be missed dearly.

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  1. Abbey,
    That is really reaaly beautiful post. You captured Bama's spirit so well.
    Love Dad