Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thanks for everything you've done to take care of us.

Like taking three odd children under the age of four to the zoo. I'm cranky and clearly regretting having a photo taken at this hour of the day, Emily looks terrified by? the cars in the parking lot? an animal escapee?, and Jeb - well, he's just missing a beer bottle and a bag of potato chips.
Happy birthday! Make a scene!

xoxo, DAJEJEN + Houston

P.S. Turns out I was sweating profusely at the ripe old age of 3.5,which should come as a shock to no one who knows me. Jon, this is why I have to sleep with a fan!


  1. I love this photo! Your Mom looks like she should be a model. And I don't know if I laughed harder at Emily's expression or your pose, Abbey. Happy Birthday to Jane!

  2. But more importantly, mum does look beautiful! xoxox