Jayson v. Custom

Remember this Jayson Home & Garden sofa that I was loving?

Check out its inexpensive twin, via Copy Cat Chic:

A few more from Custom Sofa Design -

Love the nailhead swags and turned legs on the Elodie for $799 (all prices listed for grade 1 fabrics):
Clean, mid-century lines of Ariana for $599:
Traditional Winfred for just $699:
Masculine Ambre for $699:
All photos via

You can add skirts and piping, swap steel or wood legs, change pillow filling, and even select the stitch style you'd lilke. Though you most often get what you pay for, these are incredibly stylized sofas for mere pennies (as far as furniture goes). 

Anyone ever purchased here? Thoughts?

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  1. dear abs, just wanted you to know that today's procrastination-instead-of-writing was inspired by your blog. I, instead, urgently needed to know what type of sofa i would buy (if i was anywhere-near-in-the-market-for-a-sofa) and spent a whole lot of time and scrutiny on this website. . . excellent. keep these ideas coming. . .even though if I don't sell my book I will never be able to afford a new sofa or house to put one in. xxa