Letterpress Lesbian

All right, I don't know if letterpress is a chick, but if it is, call me a lesbian. I love the stuff. For my wedding, it was the most important and fun element to plan. I spent weeks designing my own invitations, which, coincidentally, I have now framed.

For my unnumbered birthday this year, recent bride Sam gave me a set of 25 custom letterpress notes from Pigweed Press. Here is what I concocted:

Adorable package arriving:
Note cards!
Zoom of the script. Font is a charcoal color, envelopes are apple green.
Hmm, who will be the lucky soul to receive the first of these darling notes? 

And if you don't think I'm considering mailing something to myself, you don't know me that well.


  1. oh my gosh! they look SO good. happy you like them. pigweed press is amazing.

  2. Yay! Adorable. Such a good present, Sam! And Abbey- I think you should do a post on your wedding invitations. They are more than worthy of digital space. Miss you both so much, already.