Summer School

So, after my French (bad) and Sewing (great) classes ended in May, I signed up for two more Milwaukee Recreation summer offerings: Flower Design and Cake Decorating. 'Why not?' is my personal motto at this point. Move to Milwaukee where you know no one? Why not? Take part-time job as a bucket cleaner at a florist shop? Why not? Subject self to intense 4 hour interview for associate-level job? Why not?

Cake Decorating doesn't start for a few weeks, but I had Flower Design last night. The reason behind this particular class was A) I can't have worked in a florist shop and still make arrangements similar in look to kindergarteners free-forming it while high on pixie sticks, B) I still make arrangements similar to said kindergarteners high on pixie sticks, C) I will never mention this class to my former boss and instead pretend I picked this talent up osmosis-style while de-thorning 200 Sunset roses a day. 

Looks like this will be a good class (though taste level of classmates is most definitely questionable, particularly noted after they heartily agreed to a lesson devoted to making a flower birthday cake and POODLE). I am sure the frozen smile on my face looked sincere. Here is my first arrangement - garden-style - as my instructor called it:

Sisters and friends take note: one lesson is planned for bouquet-making!

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  1. Whoooaaa Abbey. This is beautiful! I will definitely be cashing in my lesson.