Meet Summerfest

Milwaukee hosts the largest music festival in the world each year, and Summerfest kicked off last night with a ton of bands (Tim McGraw, Sheryl Crow and the Wailers, among others) and the "big bang" fireworks. Since Jon's company is a sponsor for one of the smaller stages, we are in current possession of 12 admission tickets, 2 VIP passes to the Captain's Deck lounge (free drinks and breathing room from the complete overload of the sweaty, underdressed masses) and a parking pass for a lot directly next door to the entrance. With thousands upon thousands of people (and cars) in attendance, guess which excites us the most? Heck yes, it's the parking!

I may have asked Jon if we could see Justin Bieber next week. What? That's better than seeing the Idol tour in my book. I want to dance and see his shaggy hair-bangs swing back and forth! But Jon said no. Sigh. Maybe next year. 

It's official - summer's here! And so is the 'fest!

[Fantastic update! We're seeing BB King on Sunday . . . an hour after Justin Bieber goes on the main stage. Standing as close to the Marcus Theater entrance without actually purchasing a headliner ticket and entering? Happening!]

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