Beer Run Part 2

Photos of this illustrious marathon of drinking and running, which Una did take part in! Second jog of the year! Though he was sweating profusely and out of his element, he powered through with a big cup of beer and made it to the end. True determination. 

First pit stop. Luckily two out of the four stops had quality dark beer. Miller Lite substitutes as water for the Milwaukee populace, but I just cannot seem to grow on the taste. Have I said those words outside of the house? Never! Public shaming and brat stoning would follow.

Band and dancing to keep our tired spirits up. I was almost ready throw in the bar towel at this point, but the tuba saved me. Phew!

Hydration stop. Note the big cup.

Lucha Libre fighters hard at it.

Sweet success! The festival awaited our exhausted bodies at the race's end, ready to replenish us with more beer, margaritas and free beef jerky.

Sunday Funday indeed. Obviously we'll be doing this again next year, ideally in costume.

P.S. In the second to last photo, the man in the background appears to be doing the slowest jog in the history of Nike. I am fairly sure a two year old takes bigger walking steps in a bunchy diaper than he does. To be fair, he was probably exhausted from the effort of drinking and moving his legs at the same time while wearing black sneakers and white ankle socks. I would be.

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  1. Looks like a blast. So wish we were there too. We'll have to make a pilgrimage to Milwaukee next year. And just think...you have a whole year to come up with costumes!