Paperless Post

I've mentioned my love of stationery before. I try to be as eco-conscious as I can in our daily life, but by no means am I perfect. And stationery, by nature, is a waste of trees. That is, if you haven't met my friend, Paperless Post!

Paperless Post is an online custom stationery company that lets you create personalized e-cards. Savvy eco-minders, they email your missives to your recipients. Thank yous, moving notices, party invites - they've got them all. The cost? Free sign-up and a fee of one 'stamp' per email address (bought in bundles and 13 cents at most for each), and if you want to include a decorative liner in the envelope, which of course you do, a fee of 1 'coin' per liner (20 cents). I've used this service for a bachelorette, a bridal shower invite and our upcoming 'summer cocktails.' Apparently so has Houston.

She is so grounded.

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