I mean, really

We packed it in this weekend like a Griswold wagon heading to Wally World. Saturday: 5:45 AM wakeup call and yard sale poster hanging across East Side. 7:00 AM layout of items for sale in our pebble driveway, as we do not have a front yard. 8 - 12:30 PM extremely chic yard sale comprised of awkward conversations with nosy and too talkative neighbors who purchase our castoffs. (Most popular item? Music CDs, such as Enya. I mean, who even has a CD player anymore?) 12:30 PM packup of leftover items to donate to Salvation Army. 1:30 - 6:30 PM feverish cleaning, maintenance and de-Houstonizing of yard, table setup and cooking for evening cocktail party for 20+ people. Necessary solo early wine drinking due to stress and exhaustion. 7:00 PM house finally ready and first guest arrives (yay, late guests!). Wisconsin drinking commences, along with a guest's personal vow to assist finishing the massive 1.5 liter bottle of vodka we have purchased (its twin sister is waiting in the kitchen cupboard in preparation for this exact scenario). We find ourselves at a bar down the street at 1:00 AM drinking pinot noir champagne and eating mussels as a friend toasts our move to Milwaukee and new friendships. After another friend falls over into the restaurant's mulch garden, we announce it is our bedtime. Superb night.

Sunday. (I need a nap just writing this!) Wakeup at 6:00 AM. Most likely still inebriated; begin feverish cleaning as we head to Chicago at 8:00 AM and our landlord has advised us at the last minute that she will be showing the place while we are gone. Nothing rents a house like the stench of warm beer and enough empty wine bottles to build a recycled bridge across Lake Michigan! Throw our bathing suits on and some leftover wine (hah, gifts from our guests - our supply was long gone) and "puppy chow" (Midwestern snack - a necessary later post) in the car at ten past 8 and hit the road for Chicago. 10:15 step boatside and spend the next 7 hours on a gorgeous motor boat in perfect weather with one of my college best friends and her fiance, tasty sangria and the city skyline. Swim in the questionably clean lake and return home at 7:30 with a sunburn and summer smiles. Una's asleep by 8:30 PM while Houston and I watch the Next Food Network Star and chillax in silence. 

Monday: Wakeup at 4:45 AM and back to the regular routine. A stellar weekend all around.



  1. Sounds like a blast! Especially the digger into the mulch.

  2. So fun!! There are some crazies on the Next Food Network Star... but Aria seems like she's gonna make it.