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Our plans this past weekend were to maybe go to a fundraiser at an acquaintance's house for part of Saturday afternoon and then hit the big time flea market, Elkhorn, Sunday morning. 

As uszh, somehow we managed to take up every second of our time. Friday Jon decided last minute to meet friends at Summerfest "'til about 9 - I'm just so tired." That translated to 11:30 PM. I went with a friend to a different fundraiser she was committed to - a 24-hour walk for cancer where she was pencilled in for the 9 - 10 PM slot. Instead, we had to peel ourselves away at 10:45 PM after realizing the team leader (who neither of us knew) expected us the full 24 hours. Saturday included errands, the World Cup game, dragging a furious Jon into the car to get to the afternoon wine tasting fundraiser (as he was missing the last 20 minutes of overtime) for yet another cancer organization, and driving 35 minutes to Greenfield. As the first ones to arrive - this happens all the freaking time here! - we slipped out at 7, came home, ate dinner and passed out.

Only to arise at 5:45 AM on Sunday, make breakfast and jump in the car for the 50 minute drive to get to Elkhorn as its doors opened at 7. Oh, but it was worth it. 5 hours later we crawled back into the car for the drive home and a nap before hitting up Summerfest for the B.B. King concert with Jon's boss. Monday = exhaustion. Check out some of the goodies bought and found at Elkhorn:

Colored glass. My obsession continues. Difficult to find blue!
Such a chic mirror,  but overpriced.
Bombs en route to becoming lamps.
Wanted this blue carafe - it has two "spouts" on either side of the mouth, and a depressed center. It was a beautiful, recycled teal color and would work wonderfully as a carafe or a vase.
Victorian coat hooks
Dried coral. I just couldn't bring myself to buy them - clearly this many were gotten by ill means (leave the coral in the water!). I did consider the tiny rowboat, but Jon vetoed.
A bear toy from the 1920s for $800. It was really neat. Maybe if we had won the lottery. 
And the one purchase I did make - a footed Haeger ceramic vase painted with 22 karat "spun" gold and standing 14" high. The turquoise and gold look beautiful together. I'm imagining a massive cloud of hydrangeas at the top. 

Obviously we were expecting to get much more (Jon bought a 1950s reproduction of a New York sea view and a pork sandwich), so we will definitely be returning for August's market. It downpoured for 2 hours on Sunday, forcing the outdoor dealers - many of whom are the furniture dealers - to pack up and leave. Sad, sad news for me. I'll just have to get double next time!

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