And It Keeps On Coming

It's not like we schedule this stuff, it just happens. Last night Jon and I were invited to a suite at the Brewers - Twins baseball game. Which was ah-mazing! 

Food, wine, air conditioning (dang, it was hot yesterday) and the stadium's secret hot dog sauce. We were almost rocked in the face by two fly balls (one bounced off the speaker hanging directly above our heads!) and a guy sitting right next to the neon beer seller in the pic above actually caught another one. PLUS, a souvenir from my favorite part of every game, the sausage race. AKA, I don't think I can return to any other seats at Miller Stadium at this point.

This is Italian Sausage chilling, and looking fairly alarmed, in his new home slash our house. He is quite flamboyant with fluttering hands, a bow tie and Luigi mustache. He never wins - until last night! I swear, our host made me take this doll home. 

And lastly, here's a picture of the new rental place in Bay View, two blocks west of Lake Michigan. We have the whole house and move in mid-July. Can't wait! The day we show up with our furniture will also be the first time Jon lays eyes on the joint. Good thing he trusts me!

For rent no more!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you guys found a house...and a cute near the water, at that! I guess this means I'll have to come visit again to see it...although it will have to be at a time when there are no tornado sightings...