Sale at WS Home

Williams Sonoma Home - that place I'd love to buy from, and might be able to when I'm 65 and receiving social security checks from the government. If they still have social security, which they probably won't. 

Anywho, I am always ready to peruse their sales in case something comes within my range. Their quality is great (vouched for by my interior designer friend, Sara) and their styles timeless. 

Wing Chair for $950.00 - head seats at a dining table? Seriously cool.

Colonial Accent Chair for $950. Okay, if I had a grand to burn, I'd buy this and possibly paint the wood and caning a fun, bright color (like coral or Hermes orange). Or you can keep it as is, and it would meld seamlessly with any color combination you have in your home. I would tame the tropical vibe by keeping it as the only 'island' reference in a room.

Cosmopolitan Coffee Table for $750.00 - a little Upper East Side, a lot classic. Funk it up with a cool tray and modern art books.

Cashmere Throw for $198.00 - I have been wanting one of these forever! (I even had it on my wedding registry!) Sigh, one of these days. The colors are great. Yes Lemon Drop, yes Deep Coral, yes Dark Taupe, yes Ivory. I don't think you could ever have too many.

Warwick Garden Seat for $148.00. This puppy is in my range - but careful, not for actual seating. A side table with great texture. A beach-inspired guest bedroom? So cute!

Outdoor Geometric Rug at $225.00 for 5' x 7' size. Who said you can't use it indoors? Take it inside and cleaning will be a cinch!

(I also love this Outdoor Maze Rug, not on sale, but still between $125 - $395.00. Enough shopping for me today!)

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. the rugs! Nice finds, Miss Abigail. You really could make a business out of high style, low cost finds (both in clothing and home)!