June 4

Today is both a wonderful and sad day. It is my father's birthday (don't worry, Dad - I won't say the number, though you certainly don't look your age) and it is also the date of our dear friend Landon's passing, one year ago. 

Happy birthday, Dad - I wouldn't be here without you! (Literally.) Celebrate with a Narragansett beer! Or three.

And Landon, we miss you. So much. It's just not the same without you.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend. Give your loved ones a hug. Life is short.


  1. Dear Abba,

    This is a bitersweet day, for sure. I'm lucky to have wonderful life, wife, and kids and the longevity to enjoy them all. Alas, the Narragansett will have to wait until July since I've declared a June Freeze on my favorite beverage. Thanks for the remembrance and inspire Jon to knock one out of the park tomorrow. Love Dad

  2. omg -- i never knew it was also your dad's birthday. happy birthday, Mr Barrett!

    i can't believe a year has already passed since Landon left us. he is certainly missed. what's going on with the benefit this summer?