Best Buddies

Jon's work supports a number of charities and this morning we were invited to the annual Leadership Awards breakfast for the Wisconsin chapter of Best Buddies, an organization created to build friendships, life skills and opportunities for individuals with learning and developmental disabilities. A pair of high school best buddies spoke, Corey and his BB, Peter (simply adorable - a swimming and spicy wings fanatic), followed by the keynote speaker, Anne Ballantine, a former local news anchor who was born with one arm. I straight-up thought she was speaking about someone else until she brought out her old prosthetic, since her new one is so lifelike. Anne was incredible - she grew up thinking having only one arm was truly no big deal, thanks to a caring, supportive family and community, and has lived her whole life in that same vein.

Jon and I have been talking about volunteering since we arrived in Milwaukee and it is officially time to stop talking and start doing. We're thinking Best Buddies or the Boys & Girls Club. If you want to learn more about either, check out: and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (their 'Be Great' campaign is really neat). 

It was such a nice way to start the day. Hope you are having a good morning - try and do something for someone else today, even if it's simply giving up your seat on the subway car. Little things add up.

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